Shumba Trucking is derived from the Bantu language Shona word ‘Shumba’ that translates to ‘lion’. Lions represent strength, speed, focus, fearlessness, agility, pride, prowess, and a dominating presence. Shumba Trucking strives to reflect and embody these characteristics in our brand through outstanding customer service, and the ability to handle any logistical challenges while seeking precedence in the freight and transportation industry.

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Where fast, efficient, reliable delivery meets strong, customer service.


What is Our Approach?

Combination of expertise, dedication, and resilience which makes for a strong team looking to offer only the best.
We want to be more than a generic trucking company, but your first choice when transporting your brand goods. We’re here to help you through any hiccups and ensure everything goes as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

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Services to Meet Your Needs


Customer Service

On-time delivery

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Why Shumba Trucking

  • We are reliable
  • We are passionate
  • We are focused on the mission
  • We are customer-focused

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What Do We Deliver?

Electronics, furniture, large appliances, and refrigerated goods.

We make sure all items are well protected to prevent damage and get your products delivered on time.

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What is our Driving Purpose?

Mission: Deliver brand goods efficiently in the shortest time possible with the best customer service!

  • Gain the respect of both major brands and small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.
  • Establish a reputation as one of the most reliable companies to transport furniture and develop a niche.
  • Satisfy and exceed the expectations of customers’ logical needs.

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What About our Drivers?

Our team is a group of dedicated, passionate individuals who receive the most up-to-date qualifications and licensing, and customer service and safety training.

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